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Donating a Car is Easy!

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Easy Process

Free Towing

Tax Deduction

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3 Easy Steps To Donate Your Car

Call or Fill Out Form

Call 888-231-6877 or submit the online form.

Fast and Free Pick-up

We schedule and pick-up your donated vehicle.

Get a Tax Deduction

Get a tax deduction at the amount your car sells for if it’s over $500, otherwise we’ll issue a donation receipt for up to $500. 


Let us know about your car.

We ask you some simple questions about your car, which takes a few minutes.

We schedule a pickup time.

We will arrange to tow at your convenience. Your car can be picked up with the key and signed title, with or without your presence.

Tax receipt

We will email you a tax-deductible receipt right after we sell your car.

We make your donation easy, fast, and pleasant.

How It Works:

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our vision

Your unwanted car can significantly impact people’s lives and our future. Compassion, Inclusive, Transparent, and Effective is an all-new charity that can genuinely help worthy causes that can better our future. 

See our reviews

 "I had an old car sitting in my driveway for months and didn't know what to do with it. Finally, a friend suggested donating it, and I am a fan of the Epoch Times, and it happens they have a car donation program. The process was so easy, and I felt good knowing that my car would be used to make a difference in someone's life."

 "I had meant to donate my car for a while but was hesitant because I wasn't sure what to expect. However, the team at Cars4compassion made the process so smooth and stress-free. They answered all my questions and cared for everything from start to finish."

  "I donated my car to Cars4compassion, and I couldn't be happier with my decision. Not only did I get a tax deduction, but I also knew that my car was being used to support a cause I cared about. I highly recommend this organization to anyone looking to donate their car."

Benefits for the donor

Donors can enjoy the convenience of donating their vehicle without the hassle of selling or disposing of it themselves. They may also benefit from a tax deduction while supporting a cause they believe in.

Benefits for our charity

The program can generate significant funds to support the organization's mission, reduce its dependence on traditional fundraising methods, and broaden its donor base. It can also provide valuable resources, such as vehicles for use in the organization's activities or programs.

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