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Why Cars4Compassion

We designed our program for you because we are one of you.


We are committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction by being fully transparent about the use of every penny of your donation. With no middleman involved, each contribution goes directly toward our mission and cause. Our aim is to reach out and help as many people as we can.


Cars4Compassion makes donating easy as a breeze. It doesn't matter what it is, cars, boats, or real estate; our professional team will ensure it is a pleasant experience for you.

How the Epoch Times Car Donation program allocates the proceeds from your car donation:


 1. Independent Journalism: Epoch Times/NTD is committed to providing truthful and unbiased news to people around the world. Your car donation may go towards supporting their efforts to continue producing quality journalism.

 2. Human Rights: Epoch Times/NTD is known for their coverage of human rights issues around the world. Your car donation may be used to support initiatives that promote human rights and social justice.

 3. Cultural Preservation: Epoch Times/NTD is dedicated to preserving traditional values and cultural heritage. Your car donation may support initiatives that promote cultural education and awareness.

 4. Freedom of Speech: Epoch Times/NTD is committed to defending freedom of speech and expression. Your car donation may be used to support legal initiatives and advocacy efforts that protect these fundamental rights.

 5. Local folks who need a car: Epoch Times/NTD may provide your car to someone in need but can’t afford one. It could be a struggling single parent for work, new college-graduated journalist who need for commute, etc.



The Donation Program is a subsidy of The Epoch Media Group. Our mission is to truly help those in need while providing the best service to our donors. All donations and financial records are transparent to the public; all proceeds will benefit and support traditional journalism, freedom of truthful information, arts, health, human rights projects, and the people in need of relief.

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