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Cars4Compassion is the charity program of The Epoch Media Group, one of the world's largest nonprofit, independent media organizations, consisting of TV, newspaper, social media, publications, and other media platforms. The program aims to generate funds to support the organization's mission and activities by converting donated vehicles into cash or using them directly for the organization's needs. This can include supporting many vital causes worldwide, such as traditional journalism, promoting press freedom, fighting censorship, or funding traditional arts, human rights projects, educational programs and initiatives, many other important matters. We also help those in need and the underprivileged.

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Meet the Team

why choose cars4compassion

Donor: “Donating a car to Cars4Compassion is

a meaningful way to support a charitable cause and

receive some benefits in return.”

our mission

By collecting donated vehicles and assets, Cars4Compassion aims to generate funds to support truthful information, human rights, arts, and education, protect the First Amendment, and help those needing vehicles..


our mission

Your unwanted car can significantly impact people’s lives and our future.

Compassion, Inclusive, Transparent, and Effective is an all-new charity that can genuinely help worthy causes that can better our future.

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