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Donated two cars at once. "Let them play a more significant role!"

Updated: May 9, 2023

Mr. An, who lives in Walnut City, donated two cars to CARS4COMPASSION. One was a Mercedes-Benz 560 in 1990, almost the best model of its era. At that time, the new car was worth $100,000 and had only been driven 56,000 miles. This car had been under the ownership of Mr. An for 27 years. Mr. An often drove this car to travel with his wife and children. There are many unforgettable memories along the way. It was a very commemorative car for her.

Mr. An said that he hoped to donate the car that has been with him for 27 years, hoping that the life value of this car can be continued.

The other car donated by Mr. An was a Honda Accord, which had only been driven 110,000 miles. He told the Donation Team Member, "I hope that these two cars can play a greater role in CARS4COMPASSION's mission, and hope that CARS4COMPASSION's supported programs will improve."

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